Official Colors and Secondary Palette

For most printing purposes, use Pantone Matching System (PMS) 124 gold and PMS 295 blue.

You may use PMS 873 metallic gold when a darker shade is desired. These work well in more formal applications, such as certificates and awards.

These PMS colors are suitable for printing on both coated and uncoated papers. Results will vary depending on what type of paper is used and on the source of the imaging. Color laser printers, for example, will produce different results than offset printing presses.

For four-color process printing (known as CMYK for the four separate inks used – cyan, magenta, yellow, and black), WVU gold is a mix of 100% yellow, 30% magenta, and 5% black. The mix for 295 blue is: 100% cyan, 57% magenta, and 40% black. All printers are familiar with this terminology, and care should be taken to specify these colors when placing a printing order.

Contact University Relations—Design if you need assistance.

Keep in mind that gold and blue are WVU’s official colors and are a basic part of our visual identity. They must be the dominant colors used in all WVU communications.

The official colors for West Virginia University licensed products are PMS 295 and PMS 124.

Primary Color Palette for Print and Web

  • PMS 124
  • PMS 295 #00447c

Alternate Primary Colors

  • PMS 873
    Not for web use
  • PMS 286

Secondary Color Palette

PMS 180 and PMS 166 should be used sparingly and only as accent colors.

  • PMS 127
  • PMS 551
  • PMS 300
  • PMS 273
  • PMS 180
  • PMS 166
  • 100% Black
  • PMS 432
  • PMS 7545

Additional Colors for Web Only

When using any colors on the web, text and background colors should have sufficient contrast to meet our accessibility guidelines.

  • #bb471a
  • #aabbcc
  • #e0e0e0
  • #3399ff
  • #336699
  • #6600cc