The Flying WV with Signature

Our logotype consists of two elements: the flying WV logo mark, and the name, or signature, West Virginia University. 

Logotypes A and B on the left are the only two approved arrangements, with the exception of alternate color options. 

WVU Signature

WVU Signature     
Logotype A (standard) Download the WVU Logotype
WVU Signature (stacked)
Logotype B (alternate)
PMS 124 C
CMYK0, 30, 100, 5 
RGB234, 170, 0
PMS 295 C
CMYK100, 69, 8, 54
RGB0, 40, 85

Logotype Usage

Our logotype may appear in four colors only: black, white, gold and blue. 

This ensures that our logo remain timeless, and is always recognized as the West Virginia University logo. 

Using the logo in a one color format is common, but only WVU’s blue or white is acceptable. Do not use our logo in all gold, or any other color. 

Only the Flying WV should appear in old gold. The logo signature should not. 

Clear Space

Maintaining ample clear space around the logo ensure that it remains legible, and doesn’t get lost within the composition. 

Photos, text and graphic elements should never be placed within the pictured clear space. 

WVU Logo with Signagure
Use the width of the capital “W” as a measuring tool for proper clearance.


There is no maximum size limit, but use discretion when sizing the logo. 

Never reproduce the logo at widths smaller than 1.5 inches. 

When space is limited, the Flying WV is the preferred mark. 

WVU Signature
1.5 inches minimum
Flying WV
1/4 inch or 16-pixel minimum

Logotype Misuses

Because our logotype appears across an endless range of communications, we’ve compiled a list of improper applications. 

Adhering to these simple rules will continue to ensure that our logotype is recognizable to all audiences. 

Wrong Typeface
Do not substitute another typeface for West Virginia University.
No Flying WV
Do not use the signature without the Flying WV.
Graphic Element
Do not add type or graphic elements to the logotype.
Do not change the scale of the elements in the logotype.
Drop Shadow
Do not add drop shadows or other visual effects to the logotype.
Do not stretch, condense or change the dimensions of the logotype.
Do not put the logotype in a box or otherwise enclose by rules, outlines, shapes or color.
Wrong Colors
Do not change the colors of the logotype.
Do not place the two-color version of our logotype onto backgrounds that render it illegible.
Busy background
Do not place the one-color version of our logotype onto backgrounds that render it illegible.