WVU Medicine and Athletics

WVU Medicine and its affiliates and the Athletic Department may use graphic identifiers that are specific to their communication environments.

WVU Medicine and affiliates use the logomark below and are the only entities within WVU that may use it. For assistance in using the Health Sciences Center identifiers, contact WVU Health Sciences Communications at 304-293-8045.

The WVU Medicine logomark is used exclusively by patient-care entities and affiliates, including but not limited to WVU Medicine, WVU Hospitals, University Healthcare, West Virginia University Medical Corporation, and the West Virginia University Health System. Colors are Pantone 124 (gold) and 295 (blue). Using the logo in a one-color format is common, but only Pantone 295 blue, white, or black is acceptable. Do not use the logo in all gold or any other color.

WVU Medicine

Download WVU Medicine Wordmark

The School of Dentistry, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy and School of Public Health are academic units of WVU, and therefore use the standard WVU logotype and colors (see section Logotype: The Flying WV With Signature).

WVU System Campus Logotypes

Each WVU System campus has its own official logotype. They are shown below.

University Seal

The University seal is used in a very formal context, such as on a diploma or for Commencement materials, or by the WVU President’s Office. It is also used as a watermark on official WVU letterhead. Please use the University logomark or logotype as an identifier instead.

WVU Seal

Affiliate Logos

Three affiliated organizations use their own logos: the WVU Foundation, the WVU Alumni Association and the Mountaineer Parents Club. These logos should be used only as shown here, and only in gold and blue, or, for the Alumni Association and Foundation logotypes only, in a single solid color. The Mountaineer Parents Club logomark may be screened in a single color. The Foundation and Alumni Association logotypes may also appear in white (reversed).

WVU Foundation Logotype 
WVU Foundation logotype | Download
WVU Alumni Association logotype ( view guidelines / download Alumni logo)
Mountaineer Parents Club Logo 
Parents Club logo