Sub-brand Logo Lockups

Sub-brand logo lockups for all colleges, schools and WVU System campuses.

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College Logo Lockups
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Social Media Graphics

We need your help. Our social media plan for the 150th anniversary is solely reliant on user submitted content from our students, alumni, faculty and staff. To assure we receive as many submissions as possible, please help to share our main university channel posts (Twitter: @WestVirginiaU and Facebook: WVU Mountaineers).

In addition, if you are personally active on social media and want to submit your own content, please do!

Please see our Tips for Using Social Media Graphics

Email Signature

A PNG you can include on an email signature.

WVU 150 Anniversary 
Email Signature Graphic
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Event Invitation

Postcard to customize for 150th anniversary events.

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Event Invitation
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HTML Email Template

To send a WVU-branded 150th anniversary email, contact University Relations - Digital and we can provide you with an HTML email template to use for events related to the 150th anniversary.

Certificate Template

Fillable certificate for 150th anniversary award programs.

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Certificate Template
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Orders and Reservations

Since many of you would like to purchase 150 buttons or stickers, or borrow some of the birthday pieces we produced, we have created an online order and reservation form. The links are below.

Order 150 birthday stickers

Order 150 birthday buttons

Reserve 150 celebration items to borrow

A few things to note:

  • We’ll place our first order of buttons and stickers on Feb. 20. If you know that you will want them for your celebration, please fill out the forms no later than Friday, Feb. 17.
  • When you place the order for stickers and buttons, you will also be asked to fill out the trademark and licensing form. It adds a step, but it’s quick and helps us to track the orders and products.
  • If you want to borrow the ice cream cart, we will note your dates from the form. You will also need to request assistance from Facilities for transport to and from your event. For on-campus transport, there will be no charge for Facilities’ services. The link to the Facilities request is included on the form.
  • There are two options for ice cream. The easiest and least expensive is to order your ice cream directly from WVU Dining Services with your catering request. The special flavors developed by the Davis College through Ellen’s ice cream in Charleston comes in 2.5 gallon batches and is $60 for the Land Grant Crunch and $65 for the Appalachian Apple. You will also need to go to Charleston and retrieve it, and it will need to be packed in dry ice for transport. If you want to follow through with this process, please contact Ann Bailey Berry (mailto:ann.berry@mail.wvu.edu) with your order.