General social media tips

  • We recommend that you do not change your profile photos and background images to include the 150th anniversary wordmark. Your profile photo should include your office/department/college/school/etc. name so that you are easily recognizable. We recommend that your background images are colorful and full of life (ex. bustling campus, colorful, innovative research).
  • Develop a content calendar or social media plan with content around the 150th anniversary. This does not have to take you a lot of time and effort; however it can give you a structure to work with throughout the year. By doing this, it may also allow you to schedule out content months in advance.
  • When developing content for your social media accounts around the 150th anniversary, think about relevant milestones in the history of your office/department/college/school/etc. This is the type of social media post that would be unique and shareable.
  • Look for historic photos to share throughout the year. You may be able to find some in the West Virginia Regional History Collection. These photos will work well on almost every social media platform.

Tips for using #WVU150

  • Please use the #WVU150 hashtag in every tweet or Instagram post surrounding the 150 anniversary celebration. This will add to the conversation already going on. It will also give the WVU Social Media Team an opportunity to see and share your post.
  • Avoid additional hashtags, as it may confuse the message and disinterest the audience.
  • Please do not use #WVU150 for posts outside of the 150th anniversary (Ex. Posts about 150th anniversary events on campus and posts with historical facts from the last 150 years would use #WVU150; however, normal campus events and press releases unrelated to the 150th anniversary would not use #WVU150). If you do want to use a hashtag in a post about something other than the celebrations, you can find our official hashtags at
  • Before using #WVU150 on print materials, signage, etc., make sure it makes more strategic sense than promoting your individual social media accounts.

Tips for posting around events

  • Create a horizontal graphic to promote your event prior to it happening. Recommended dimensions are as follows: Facebook (1200x630 pixels), Twitter (1024x512), Instagram (1080x1080).
  • When developing social media graphics using the Flying WV logo and 150 anniversary wordmark, please follow the necessary brand guidelines.
  • Link to relevant content prior to and after the event. This is a huge opportunity to showcase college and department success stories, because there are more eyes than ever on your social media accounts.
  • We do recommend posting content at your events, however we ask that you stay away from live video (Facebook Live, YouTube streaming, Periscope, Live Instagram Stories, etc.) unless you are working with University Relations/Video. Instead, share photos, quotes, etc., on all your social media accounts during the event. Be wary of over-posting – be selective with the information you're choosing to share and make sure it's relevant for your audience. Use #WVU150 in your posts on Twitter and Instagram, as well.
  • Always create “wrap-up” posts, which give a good idea of what happened at the event and include a variety of photos. Use apps like PicStitch or Layout From Instagram to create photo collages like this for Instagram and Twitter. A Facebook post could include a photo gallery.